6 small upgrades that can make a huge difference


When you first purchase a home, you are not thinking about selling it in the future. Families grow, however, and rarely the first home you buy will be the one you live in for the rest of your life. By thinking about upgrades from the start, you will make it possible to slowly improve your home and increase its value at a comfortable pace for you. Here are some of the best possible ways you can upgrade your current home.

The kitchen is often the place a family spends the majority of their time. Visitors sit here more than anywhere else and it is rare there isn't some activity going on in the kitchen. When looking to purchase, this is often the biggest selling factor, so the kitchen is a good starting point. Some of the upgrades you should consider in the kitchen are energy-efficient appliances, pull-out pantries and stronger cabinets with more space.

The more light a home has, the more appealing it appears. Things like under-cabinet lighting can add appeal to the kitchen and lights that focus on task-areas, like desks, are priceless. Consider upgrading the bathroom lighting as well. People spend time getting ready to face their day in this room and lighting can make this task easy or difficult. Consider adding a dimmer function to the lights in bedrooms and the living area.

Wood floors will always be considered valuable. They convey a sense of warmth that no other material seems to come close to, even carpeting. If wood flooring isn't possible, consider flooring that radiates heat, especially in the bathroom and kitchen, where people are often found in their bare feet, searching for a midnight snack or taking a shower.

More and more attention is being given to preserving the energy we have and keeping energy costs as low as possible. Investing in energy-efficient appliances, water heaters and furnaces now will not only save you money, but will add value and appeal to your home in the future. While you are at it, installing air-tight windows and strong storm doors will also help in the energy-saving area.

Everyone loves closet space. What they like even more is a closet that can be organized easily, has a lot of storage space and is light enough to see what is going on when looking. Consider adding custom closets to your home. There are so many choices available that everyone's needs can be met easily. Add lighting and you immediately increase appeal.

The first thing people see when they pull up to your home is your yard and walkway. Upgrading your landscape and installing a nice-looking walkway is an upgrade that will more than pay for itself eventually. Consider some kind of fencing to offer a sense of privacy and security to the property.

Final Thoughts
As you enjoy your home, it never hurts to consider upgrading a little at a time. By doing this over time, you are not constrained by cost and don't feel rushed to complete things. Not only will your home increase in value over time, it will become even more of the haven from a chaotic world that you seek at the end of each day.