Why Summer is the Peak Moving Season

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Between planning the move before your lease is up or trying to sell your current home, finding a new home that accommodates both your family and career, packing your life into boxes and finding a moving company (or friends that will commit to loading a truck), there is a lot that goes into relocating.

Every aspect of moving into a new home requires quite a bit of thought and attention, and the time and date are not typically at the top of the priority list, but they should be! The time of year that you relocate can have a massive impact on your budget and family.

That being said, the most important factor when it comes to moving in the Northern California area is the education system. In many locations, but not all, school years end in spring and kick back up again in August, leaving a window of opportunity between the end of May and August to move and get your family settled before the new school year begins. If your home is not ready to move into during that timeframe, you at least have the opportunity to identify the school district and have the kids start in a new school prior to closing in many cases.

While school-age children are the first thought in this scenario, college students also impact availability of moving companies as they move back to school in August and home in May or move on to their first jobs post-graduation. 

Another aspect to consider is the fact that most companies consider the summer months their “slow season,” making it the perfect time to transfer employees. This slow period and the ease of moving families during the break in the school year, reinforces the trend of summer as peak moving season.

In general, home sales typically pick up in the spring and continue to build throughout the summer. The weather of course is a factor to consider, but families do not typically opt to move during the busy holiday season, and if you have a family with school-age children, your best bet is to buy a house and move when it will cause the least disruption in the children’s’ education.

When it comes to moving during peak moving season, be aware that there will be competition for moving trucks and crews, especially dates closer to the end of the month. Plan ahead and aim to book the truck and crew as soon as possible. To learn more about new home opportunities throughout Northern California, visit www.KiperHomes.com and “Experience More” with Kiper Homes.