Top 8 Halloween Safety Tips for New Home Owners


Halloween doesn't only excite children, it brings out the kid in adults as well. New home owners often look forward to their first Halloween in an area, whether it is to decorate their home in the way they like, take the kids on their first trick-or-treat in the new neighborhood or both. By following a few Halloween safety tips, this can be the best year ever.

The first thing you want to do is make sure your home is safe for any ghoulish visitors if you are passing out treats.

1. Do a Tour

Slowly walk along the walkway in front of  and coming into your property. Be on the lookout for anything that may be a tripping hazard. If there are places you can't fix that may be a problem, mark them with bright-colored paint so they are noticeable. See that any steps are clearly marked. The day of Halloween, do a thorough sweeping to rid the walkway of leaves, stones and other hazards.


2. Decorations

Instead of using real candles in jack-o-lanterns, try using glow-sticks or placing the pumpkins over solar lights. This way, young children won't accidentally brush against them and catch their costumes on fire. Avoid any decorations that include ropes or other items that may cause people to become entangled. If you play music or scary sounds, keep the volume low enough where people can be heard when talking in a normal tone.


3. Lighting

While spooky normally means dark, make sure your steps and walkway are well-lighted. Turn on any outdoor porch lights to make sure the area is easy to navigate for adults and children alike.


4. Pets

Even if your pets enjoy children, costumes and confusion can make the evening scary for them. Make sure all pets are safely kept inside and in no danger of running out an open door. Even the best behaved pet can panic and forget what it has been taught.


5. Children

If you have young children, you may be looking forward to taking them out trick-or-treating. Keep in mind the following Halloween safety tips to keep the evening fun and accident free.


6. Costumes

Keep any long costumes high enough so they don't cover shoes and cause tripping. Look for fire-resistant material and opt for makeup over masks whenever possible. Anything like wands, swords or other possibly sharp costume elements should either be eliminated or made of foam or flexible plastic. Adding reflective tape will make children more visible.


7. Houses

Don't approach any houses that are not well-lit and remind any older children who may be going with friends to do the same. Provide flashlights for anyone old enough to carry one. Stay on sidewalks whenever possible. If there is an area without a sidewalk, stay as close to the edge as possible and walk toward the traffic. Remind children that they are not to enter any homes without permission of a trusted adult, meaning you.


8. Treats

Don't allow any treats until you have had time to check all candy. If necessary, have a few snack-sized candy bars in your pocket to help ease any disappointment from little ones. Keep only factory-wrapped treats and utilize the services of any hospitals in the area that offer scanning of treats.


Have Fun!

Halloween safety is often a simple matter of using common-sense. Follow the above tips and enjoy your first Halloween in your new home.