TIPS from KIPER: Moving with Kids and Pets

There’s nothing more exciting than purchasing a new home, especially if it’s a brand new Kiper home! We offer an array of single family homes in growing Northern California communities. Not only do we have homes to offer, but we also try to provide the tools you need to make life a little bit easier. Are you planning on moving and have little ones, or a pet to think about? Let’s talk about how to make the move as smooth as can be for them…and you!


1. Set the (New) Scene

Children often get disheveled with change and transition. A way to ease them in is to help them become comfortable and to try and understand what’s going to come next. If your kids are one year and older, you can create a Pinterest board dedicated to your new home and neighborhood. This board can have pictures of your new home, as well as nearby parks and shops, and anything you know your child would look forward to experiencing. You can talk about food you’ll make together in the new kitchen or talk about what’s going where in their new room. Also, act it out! You can give your child a small box or bag to “pack,” so they can get familiar with the concept as they start to see all of the households belongings tucked away in boxes.

For pets, head over to for pheromone scent diffusers. Plug one into your new home, and it will release calming animal pheromones to help them feel secure in the new space.

Pets like to practice too. You can take their pet carrier out about a month before moving so they can become familiar with it, instead of being fearful. When they go near the carrier, provide them a treat and some TLC. This way, the carrier will be more of a safe and trusting space, and they’ll feel calmer travelling in it when the time comes.

2. Pack smart

For yourself, children, and pets, pack boxes that will remain by your side during the move and where you’ll have easy access once you arrive. For the children, set aside their most prized possessions before moving day so they have easy access to what they love once their in the new place (toys, snacks, books). Ensure every person in the home has their bedding and pajamas packed together and ready to prep for bedtime. You don’t want to have to fish around for sheets that first night in your new home! For the kids, keep their lovey or stuffed animal on hand – especially helpful for the first nighttime routine in a brand new place. 

For pets, set aside their food and water containers and favorite toys, treats, or other special item to have ready for them once you arrive in the new home. If they have bedding they use, make sure that’s nearby too for some cozy shuteye.

3. Blaze a new trail

If you’re close enough, have the whole family venture into the new neighborhood. You can check out, a site that will create walking routes to explore your new area. If you have a pup with you, take Spot along and head out for a jaunt on this new route. It would be great for everyone to become familiar with all of the sites, sounds (and smells!) of your new neighborhood. Visit a local playground or dine at a cute café. All of these experiences will really help make the transition more comfortable.

Speaking of smells, for cats, try and leave a cushion, pillow, or shirt overnight in the new home before you move, then bring it for the cat to sniff and take in the new scents.

4. Breaks all around!

Let’s face it, for as long as you can remember, moving day has always been a little on the hectic side (or a lot). If you have kids, pets or both, try to make it a little easier on yourself. Check out, or and hire a care provider to watch over your loved ones until all of the heavy lifting is finished with. You don’t want to have to stress about Spot drifting off and getting lost or your adorable toddler scampering under foot. If Grandma Bonnie or Uncle David is close by and willing to be with your children and pets, utilize those awesome relatives of yours! Moving is already tough, make it easier.

Planning on moving soon but haven’t yet found that perfect home? Kiper offers beautifully crafted and brand new homes throughout Northern California.

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