Close your eyes and imagine your home after a big cleaning. Dining room is prim and proper. Kitchen is spiffy (no dirty dishes in site!). The bathrooms smell of rose buds and lavender. All the dust and leaves are gone from the backyard; very inviting.  Now we walk into the master bedroom, smells great, but…don’t open up that door! Let’s talk about how we fix your deep, never-ending fear (and perhaps some shame) of entering your master closet.



Set the stage. Figure out an area in your room you can use for staging so you can empty our absolutely everything from your closet. If you are going to complete this project in a day, your bed can work for this. If it may span a couple days, perhaps choose a small corner where things won’t get in the way. Try and pick up a collapsible clothing rack to hand clothes and are able to see what you have so you can reduce and recycle if necessary!


How to make it fun: Crank up the music and invite your favorite friend over to help lift heavy items. Make some treats, your favorite cocktail, or sip some delicious wine. Take time with this part of the process.



Organize your items into categories that work for you, and take inventory. Either use cardboard boxes, plastic containers, or piles…but make sure to label your categories so as not to get confused. We suggest using 1 of 2 methods. Create “keep”, “toss”, and “donate” piles, or split things into broad categories such as clothes, shoes, accessories and linens. Then work your way into smaller and more specific categories.


For this step, make sure your take the time to group small items like make-up, jewelry, hair accessories, buttons, ribbons, clips, etc into bags or jars so they don’t end up lost.



Your precious child’s rubber ducky, the holiday decorations from last year, old party bags…get rid of anything that does not belong in your closet. We understand, and cut yourself some slack. There may be a couple of times where that door prize ends up stashed next to the belts, or that pile of appetizer plates in stacked next to your shoe boxes. This is the time to back into it’s proper place within your home.



Toss, toss, toss!!!


This is a great step to ask yourself a few key questions:


Do I like these sunglasses anymore?

Have I worn this shirt in the past year?

Will I ever get these shoes repaired?


After making these determinations, with the remaining items you can plan a garage sale, donate the items to charity, give them to neighbors, friends or family in need, or perhaps sell them online.



Clean the actual closet! Since everything’s been emptied out, now’s your chance to get things spic and span. Wipe down the closet walls and mop or vacuum the floor. Get rid of those dust bunnies, random tags, and store receipts that always find their way to the floor. Perhaps consider a new paint job? There are great mold and mildew resistant options, and a new color to spruce things up can’t hurt, right?


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