How Should I Care for My New Home?

care for my new home

care fore my new homeHomes, just like people, need regular checkups to help catch potential problems before they worsen. While many may think a newly constructed home requires no regular maintenance, that is not the case. Even new homes need proper maintenance checks to make sure the home maintains its structure, quality and function for years to come.

Monthly care maintenance for your new home is minimal but still important to ensure the home is functioning properly month to month. Kiper homeowners are encouraged to check windows as well as interior and exterior doors to make sure rollers, latches, hinges and knobs are lubricated, tightened or re-caulked as necessary. Homeowners should also check interior doorstops for proper operation and make sure exterior door finish, hardware and weather-stripping are holding up against the outdoor elements.

To protect your home from a possible fire, make sure smoke detectors are tested for proper operation on a monthly basis, and clean and replace furnace and kitchen fan filters as needed. Test for plumbing issues by flushing toilets and running water for leaks and verifying that overflow holes are clear. It’s also always a good idea to inspect, lubricate and clean exterior vents as well as make sure all outlets are operating.

Twice a year, homeowners should perform simple maintenance focused on home items or appliances that may deteriorate due to regular use or contact with water. Kiper Homes advises homeowners to clean faucets of calcium, lime or rust build up as well as to inspect and repair any caulking in any potentially wet areas. This includes the kitchen, bathroom, windows and doorsills. For ease of use, its also a good idea to clean and sharpen the home’s garbage disposal using ice cubes and a foaming cleanser.

Additionally, homeowners should check the drainage of their new home by clearing debris from the gutters and making sure downspouts are draining away from the structure. In addition to gutter drainage, homeowners should also check their exterior drainage to ensure there is no standing water for 24 hours and that no water is draining towards the foundation of the home. Depending on the season, homeowners should also inspect and service their HVAC system as well as sprinkler nozzles, adjusting them to spray away from the house.

Annual new home care typically involves inspecting many of the larger exterior details of the home such as exterior paint, garage doors and roof tiles and vents. Check for cracks or peeling in paint and repair as needed, and garage doors rails and lock systems are adjusted and lubricated. As for the roof, inspect for loose tiles and or debris and make sure all vents are open and free from obstruction.

Inside the home, homeowners should be checking interior paint for cracks or peeling, repairing cracked grout and seal in tile floors and draining and refilling water heaters to ensure consistent hot water throughout the year. Depending on the traffic use of the home, homeowners may also want to get their carpets professionally cleaned to remove any hidden dirt. As always, fire and home safety are always a huge concern in any home. To alleviate worries, homeowners should replace batteries in all smoke detectors and test fire sprinklers for proper performance on an annual basis.

New construction homes are naturally lower maintenance than resale homes, meaning that Kiper homeowners can focus less on major maintenance issues and more on enjoying their new home. For more information on new home care and to view our Customer Care FAQs, click here.