At River Islands, Education is Key


At Kiper Homes, we understand that building a new home is an investment in your family’s future. That’s why thriving neighborhood schools are an integral part of the vision of River Islands — the master-planned community in Lathrop, CA featuring Kiper Home’s 360 Lakeside.

Built along the beautiful San Joaquin River with the belief that a community should be both dynamic and nurturing, the River Islands plan integrates nine school sites among other amenities, including eight elementary and middle schools and one high school in two districts. At 360 Lakeside, you’ll find both independent and public K-8 charter options that allow your children to grow in a community rich with rural charm while earning a 21st Century education.

River Island Technology Academy: “We are college ready!”

Within walking distance from the homes at 360 Lakeside, you’ll find state-of-the-art schools like River Island Technology Academy (RiTechA), where students engage with learning as a lifelong process by gaining the skills and the character of 21st Century citizens. Technology is at the heart of the culture of RiTechA. Teachers blend new and old teaching approaches to ensure that students are adept communicators and collaborators who are as skilled with pen and paper as they are with smart devices.

Students at RiTechA benefit from a flipped classroom model that puts them at the center of the learning process with a curriculum that is relevant, exciting, and committed to the academic success of all students. Here, teachers deliver an education that produces independent problem-solvers with real world skills, giving equal weight to the importance of the California Common Core and the elements of character that students need to live their most successful, happy lives.

NextGeneration STEAM Academy: Interdisciplinary Learning for the Real World

Around the corner, NextGeneration STEAM Academy reflects the diverse and interwoven world we live in, with a project-driven, interdisciplinary model that nurtures students toward being communicative, collaborative, critical, and career-ready. NextGeneration prides itself on the real-world rigor of its curriculum, achieving standards of the Common Core through hands-on activities emphasizing Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics.

A public option school in Banta School District, NextGeneration STEAM Academy aims to harness the creativity in the Common Core as way to prioritize student achievement while growing an appreciation of inquiry in the entire community. The school teaches the importance of taking risks while embracing mistakes and wrong outcomes as “opportunities for deeper learning.” Like River Islands, NextGeneration looks toward the future today by nourishing young people to become the leaders we need for tomorrow.

The Future Awaits at 360 Lakeside

At Kiper Homes, we know that each family is unique, and we commit ourselves to offering a broad range of options so that you can build the home that works for you. At 360 Lakeside, your kids have options too. Join Kiper Homes and the growing community at River Islands in building the future you and your family deserve.